160 years manufacturing obleas

A privileged enviroment

In the heart of the "Arribes del Duero"

Cipérez, the town which is now internationally renouned for their wafers, is located in the Northwest of Salamanca, in the natural region of the ‘Arribes del Duero’. This area enjoys a beautiful landscape and excellent weather, ideal for the development of agricultural and food industries, such as jams or these famous wafers.

‘Arribes del Duero’ has been recognized in gastronomic forums for the increasing strength of their agricultural and cuisine develgoment

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Cipérez, an enterprising village

The factory ‘Pan de Ángel S.L.’, property of the family company Fabián Martin, is located 18 kilometers from the town of Cipérez, a small municipality in the Vitigudino's Region.

Beside the wafers, Cipérez has a strong enterprising character, which is evident in several factories working in different sectors in the town

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