160 years manufacturing obleas

A healthy and natural product

Exclusive use of natural ingredients

‘Pan de Ángel’ knows that the best ingredients are those that the nature gives us. For that reason, we only use natural ingredients in the preparation of our famous wafers. The mixture of egg, flour and sugar give a natural and appetizing product without colors or preservatives.

The manufacturing process of our wafers is supported by rigorous parameters of quality. ‘Pan de Ángel’ has incorporated strict healthy controls, because we believe that to obtain an excellent final product it is necessary to have a careful process of production

natural and durable product

A healthy product

In Cipérez, the birthplace of wafers, it is said that: "A glass of milk and two wafers a day, keeps the doctor away". Besides that they are tasty, the wafers ‘Pan de Ángel’ are healthy food, and especially recommended for children, the elderly and for digestive problems.

The company guarantees the use of natural and quality products of the region

high quality wafers