160 years manufacturing obleas

A century-old tradition

Over one hundred years of tradition

The Martin family has more than 160 years experience producing the handmade wafers that have made them famous. Pan de Ángel S.L. was the initiative of Fabián Martín Tapia, who commercialized the wafers baked the same way his grandfather had done. The recipe is original and has been a tradition passed down through four generations. A careful blend of natural products is the key to this original recipe

a careful blend

Tradition and Innovation

The famous handmade wafers ‘Pan de Ángel’ are a simple and exquisite product. The experience of four generations has resulted in an innovative and traditional product. The wafers are a symbol of kindness and have been used in several regions of Spain to invite visitors over the centuries. Actually, the wafers ‘Pan de Ángel’ have been incorporated into the daily breakfast of many homes. They are an alternative to the traditional breakfast and the ideal complement to honey, soft cheese, milk or ham

simple and exquisite product