160 years manufacturing wafers

A pioneer Company

An excellent team

For decades, ‘Pan de Ángel S.L.’ has been a driving force in the regional economy, employing 15 people at the moment. The managerial success of ‘Pan de Ángel S.L.’ and its encouraging perspectives of growth allow the company to look to the future with hope

This effort has resulted in the construction of new installations with more than 1,500 m2 of surface, which incorporates a new baking chain and which currently allows it to achieve a production of about 17,000 obreas per hour, since it has both national and international trade.

regional economy motor

Technology and innovation

We have incorporated the latest technological advances to the process of production, keeping the flavor and the quality demanded by the consumer. The process has stayed the same throughout the passage of time. Nevertheless, in the last few years machinery has been incorporated, with two ovens capable of producing 17.000 wafers every hour

latest technological advances

Guaranteed Quality

The enthusiasm for excellence and the parameters of quality used in the production of our wafers have been awarded by the most prestigious prizes. ‘Pan de Ángel S.L.’ was recognized in 2000 and 2001 with the ‘Master of Popularity’ and in 1999 with the ‘National Prize of Companies’.

‘Pan de Ángel S.L.’ has been presented in several of the main sweet and cuisine fairs in Europe, always having a remarkable success

enthusiasm for excellence

Our Certificates